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Are You Leveraging The 4 Proven Marketing Systems Every Business MUST Use To Achieve Explosive Business Growth?


95% of small businesses across just about any vertical industry are missing at least two out of the four marketing systems that are critical to achieve maximum growth.
Those system are:
Cart Reputation  CartReach

The competitive landscape for business has changed dramatically. Particularly over the last 10 years we’ve seen dramatic changes in the way that we do business due to technology, the Internet and software. The way your customers find and shop for your services or products has also changed.

Many businesses have been slow to adapt to these changes. What we do is help your business leverage proven marketing systems to get dramatic growth in their business.

If you’re like many of the Businesses I speak with, you may often find yourself wondering something like:

“What do I need to do to get my business out of my current revenue ‘rut’ and take it to the next level?”

The reality is that in today’s competitive business environment, you can’t afford to coast along at your current level of business performance – you need to constantly look for the edge that will ensure more business growth in the future.

To stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact that your business could and should be doing better is like taking money out of your pocket and handing it over to your competitors … letting them walk away with the market share, increased revenue and profits, and opportunities for personal and career growth that you deserve!

You must drive your business for growth as if your future depends on it – because it does! But if you are unsure how to do that, I think I know why…

The reality is …

Most Businesses Are Not Even Aware Of The 4 Fundamental
Drivers of Business Growth…And It’s Costing Them!

What are the 4 Fundamental Drivers of Growth, you ask?

1. Reputation

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. That’s nothing new. However, with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and online directories like Yelp and Google Local … your reputation has never been more powerful OR more vulnerable to damage – damage that has REAL consequences.

2. Reach

If you’re looking to acquire new customers and grow the bottom line, you need to be making sure that more people know about you today than did yesterday.

In our wired, smartphone-crazed day and age, that usually means using the Internet in a strategic way to expand your reach and draw more attention from local prospects who want what you’re selling.

3. Resell

Adding new {customers/clients/patients} to your book of business isn’t always easy or cheap. And that’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the maximum lifetime value of every new {customers/clients/patients} who {buys} with you.

Successful businesses know this; they make sure to create systems and processes to resell, up sell and cross sell their existing customers and clients.

4. Referral

It’s no secret that referrals make the best customers – but not just because they’re cheap to acquire and help you save on marketing costs.

According to several studies, referrals convert more quickly, spend more and spend more frequently than other customers!

Now that you know them, look around you and you’ll see…

The Fastest-Growing, Most Profitable Businesses Put the 4 Fundamental Drivers of Growth To Work At Their Business Every Day…
Are You?

The answer is probably ‘No’, and I think I know why. If you’re like most business I’ve worked with over the years, there are three roadblocks you’re likely running into:

  1. You have a lack of marketing know-how. If you don’t have the marketing chops at your company, then all of the great marketing strategies in the world aren’t going to do you much good. Strategy without execution is just wishful thinking!
  2. You don’t have the technical know-how to execute your marketing ideas on the Internet. This is incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Watching an internet-savvy competitor get an edge because they are more comfortable online, even though you are delivering a superior product – it almost seems unfair! That feeling of “I’m better but the world doesn’t know it” is one of the truest signs that your marketing systems are letting you down.
  3. You don’t have time. The reality of running a business is that there is never enough time in the day to do everything you’d like. If you have to choose between servicing a {client/patient/customer} or studying the latest gee-whiz Internet marketing strategy, chances are you will (and should!) take care of your {client/patient/customer}.

These are all perfectly legitimate reasons. But I’m writing you today to make the argument that you shouldn’t let these roadblocks stop you!

The opportunity for your business is just too large! The impact an effective marketing strategy can make on your business can mean the difference between a business that’s:

  • Making great money vs. no money
  • Fun to run vs. a pain to run
  • Affording you with an attractive lifestyle vs. consuming your every waking minute

Which is why I feel so strongly that … The Four R’s MUST Be Put To Work For Every Business, Or You Are Literally Bleeding Money Every Day!

Here is the HARSH REALITY that every {Vertical You are Targeting} must accept:

It doesn’t matter if you have better products or services than all of your competitors if your potential customers never get a chance to try them!

If your competition is better at maximizing their Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral activities, you will never get the opportunity to show what you are made of!

Effective use of the four R’s will help your business create more visibility, improve customer engagement, protect your brand, and fully monetize the value of your customer base.

Result? You sell more, sell faster, and sell easier.

Which raises the “$64,000 Question”…

Could You Be Using The Four R’s More Effectively At Your Business?

My bet is that the answer is “yes.” Do any of these ring a bell?

Do you struggle to put together a proactive plan of attack for marketing your business?
Do you sometimes feel like you are “missing the Internet marketing boat” at your business?
Do you find it hard to keep up with all of the technological changes happening and how those changes should impact your marketing and business growth strategy?

Are you tired of seeing your competitors show up all over the web, while your website seems to be stuck in anonymity?

Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the process with you in more detail and provide a completely free price quote.

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