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Are You Ignoring The Search Engines

If you are in a position to be thinking about how to get your website more noticed and more relevant traffic, then its time to consider a managed search engine marketing campaign. If you are an internet user, even a casual one, you’ve already noticed how reliant you are on search engines to find things. With the size of the internet and the variety of material out there, the online is impossible to navigate without the use of search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. When you look at the natural search results that you find, it is important to realize that it is no accident how they got there!

Marketing via search engines is nothing new, but it has most certainly gotten more complex. In years past, the search engines merely judged how many instances of the search terms appeared on your site and if you had the most, you were guaranteed a top spot. Time has seen the search engines grow in sophistication, however, and now there are many different criteria used to judge which site should go to the top of the search engine results. Unless you are intimately familiar with the workings of the search engines, there is a good chance that your site will suffer for it. When you think about the fact that most people who use search engines never get to the second page of their search results, you can easily see why you should take decisive action.

Search engines use a combination of things to decide what websites should get good priority and because of this, your site needs to be up to its scrutiny. Not only does Google look for keyword density, but it will also look for things like context and usage. When you take into account the fact that things like how many sites link to yours without you providing a reciprocal link in response, it is easy to see how difficult it would be for a non-professional to juggle all of these things while still having the time to devote to their business. This is where people who make a living from managed search engine marketing come in.

Managed search engine marketing is a relatively new field, but it has turned into an important one for companies of all sizes. No matter what sort of services or goods you can provide, you will get a majority of your traffic and your customers from the search engines. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure that the search engines are in fact working for you. An expert in search engine marketing can make sure that your website is optimised to gain a maximum amount of relevant traffic; it is important to note that people who are not experienced with search engines will often optimise their site in such a way that their traffic consists of people only marginally interested in their business. This greatly limits the amount of business that can be expected to come through this important sales channel.

At this point in time, getting your business relevant traffic and improved search engine rankings is essential. Make sure that your web business doesn’t suffer from irrelevant traffic or no traffic at all by hiring a good search engine optimisation specialist.


Your online reputation is vital to your survival today. Over 70% of consumers that will be using your product or service will make a decision based on your reviews and reputation online. Checking a company or product reputation is as easy as pulling out your smart phone and doing a search for your company your product or your service.

reputationGone are the days of customer dissatisfaction taking a backseat. It’s very easy for a client customer or buyer to get on the Internet and post a bad review about your business or product.

Here at Digital Voice we have an awesome tool that you can use to check your reputation.
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Here is a great article that outlines five additional tools to monitor and manage your online reputation.

Five tools to monitor and manage your online reputation

Here are five tools you can use to help you ensure that your online brand and reputation are where you want them. Naturally, these tools require some work to really make the most of what they offer. And most of them aren’t just one-time usage tools — you actually have to spend time with them to really help massage your reputation.

If you are like most businesses your time is very valuable and most of it is spent running your business. If you find that reputation marketing and management seem to be a bit overwhelming then just give us a call will be glad to help you implement a system that will both manage and market a five-star reputation for your company.

Reach More Customers

reach more customersYou need to make sure people can discover your website through great advertising. This is where internet marketing comes in. Don’t fret; this short article has handy internet marketing suggestions to get you started.

Reach More Customers with Banners

Attempt placing some enjoyable elements in your banners. You could add things like trivia questions in your banners for clients to respond to. many customers like trivia. Make an offer through it, such as if they get the response right that they win a reward that relates to your shop. The prize is a terrific means to obtain them to click the banner too.

Attempt to bear in mind that you do not need to be a perfectionist when starting out with Internet marketing for your on-line internet site. There is no shame in finding out from trial and error, as long as you keep in mind that your followers, customers and possible customers are your first priority. or Ask your clients if your Internet marketing concepts are working.

Reach More Customers with a Well Done Website

When marketing your website online, add interactive attributes to your website. Giving your site visitors a way to comment or communicate with you and each various other helps drive engagement with your site. Whether your site is concentrated on material or products, your users appreciate the opportunity to voice their viewpoints and learn through others.

Reach More Customers with Calls to Action

For optimal Internet marketing impact, the call to action on a website ought to be distinct and aesthetically pleasing. A text-only call to action should at least be rendered in boldface or made bigger than surrounding text.

Reach More Customers with a Fast Service Department

A rapid client service department can have a significant favorable effect on an internet marketing method. Online company moves quickly and online clients are fast to grow disappointed. By resolving their concerns as rapidly as possible, successful business internet sites maintain a favorable online credibility that could preserve and even broaden their client base.

Submit your website to search engines to make your Internet marketing campaign more successful. You certainly want your clients to be able to find you when they browse online, so this is an useful step to take. Do not restrict yourself to simply the bigger online search engine, however. Discover smaller sized specific niche directories to submit to, as well. This will funnel clients who are looking for exactly what you offer.

You must make the words on your site as simple to check out as feasible. Do not underline things as this could make them difficult to review. Use hyphens in between words that can utilize them as it makes them simpler to check out. The much easier your website is to review the more traffic it will receive.

A quick customer service division could have a huge positive effect on an internet marketing strategy. Send your site to search engines to make your Internet marketing campaign more successful. Use the above tips to make internet marketing work for your business and you’ll Reach More Customers!