Video Marketing

Video Marketing is not expensive.

Video marketing can level the playing field for a flourishing small to medium sized business. Today it’s very difficult for many businesses to get their telephone to ring with new business from the Internet. There’s pay per click advertising (very expensive) and a multitude of SEO techniques that run the gamut from cheap and useless all the way to backbreaking expense.

Today video is what can drive customers from the web, mobile web to your business. After all it’s not about rankings, placements; it’s about how many new customers are calling your phone number . A few years ago it was possible to create an inexpensive video for a local business and literally have that video ranking on the first page of Google in less than an hour. Is that same situation happening today? Let me just say that video ranks faster than any other method that a business can use.

Video Marketing and Small Business

Video MarketingMany small to medium-size businesses think that video is out of their price range, but it’s not. What we developed at Digital Voice is a way to create engaging professional looking informative videos that get results for your business. Our videos utilize your still pictures and media from our extensive media library along with professional voiceover and music to set the mood to create a dynamic presentation that showcases who you are, what you do, why you’re the best and how people can contact you to purchase your product or service.

Once your video was created (for a price that will surprise you) we optimize the videotext in each posting to maximize the potential to bring new clients to your business. We create a YouTube channel specific to you and your business.

Our videos are optimized for mobile video marketing.  Mobile has become a driving force with more and more people searching using their mobile device and statistically 90% of those people that search for your product or service on a mobile device are looking to purchase the product or service they’re searching for.

Used in conjunction with our Maps Marketing and or Reputation Marketing the results for your ROI are well worth the effort and investment.

Video Marketing Works!