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Google Places

Google Places Business Center has long surpassed traditional business directories such as YellowPages and regarded as the world’s leading source of local business information. In fact, so many people are now using Google to find local products and services, that a properly optimized Google Places listing will often be the crucial difference between success and failure due to the growing population who are now using Google to find local products and services.

Maps Marketing is the process of listing your business in local directories and clarifying your Citations (the way you are listed in directories).

The process also includes the use of image and video marketing to bring your business to the top of local search.

Here’s Why Maps Marketing and Google Places Are Important For Your Local Business

Google Places Orlando

Google Places (Maps)Is Giving Local Businesses Like Yours Massive Exposure And Putting You In Front Of People That Are Searching For Your Products And Services…

ALL FOR FREE… Let Me Show You:

Google is a “Billion Dollar” company because it’s the best at doing one thing, finding the answers to the questions that we type in.

Google knows that when someone in Atlanta types in the word “Chiropractor,” they aren’t interested in getting information about Chiropractors in California.

So Google created a way to promote local businesses by developing Google Places… also knows as Google Maps.

As You Can see… Google Places (Maps) Is The Best Way To Get On The 1st Page Of Google And Dominate Your Local Market.

THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM… Google only features 7 local companies on the 1st page. So how does a company get in the 1st page of Google?

More importantly, how does a company get to be FIRST on the 1st page of Google Places? Well it’s easier than you might think, if your company knows what Google is looking for with maps marketing.

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