Your online reputation is vital to your survival today. Over 70% of consumers that will be using your product or service will make a decision based on your reviews and reputation online. Checking a company or product reputation is as easy as pulling out your smart phone and doing a search for your company your product or your service.

reputationGone are the days of customer dissatisfaction taking a backseat. It’s very easy for a client customer or buyer to get on the Internet and post a bad review about your business or product.

Here at Digital Voice we have an awesome tool that you can use to check your reputation.
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Here is a great article that outlines five additional tools to monitor and manage your online reputation.

Five tools to monitor and manage your online reputation

Here are five tools you can use to help you ensure that your online brand and reputation are where you want them. Naturally, these tools require some work to really make the most of what they offer. And most of them aren’t just one-time usage tools — you actually have to spend time with them to really help massage your reputation.

If you are like most businesses your time is very valuable and most of it is spent running your business. If you find that reputation marketing and management seem to be a bit overwhelming then just give us a call will be glad to help you implement a system that will both manage and market a five-star reputation for your company.

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