Reputation Management vs Reputation Marketing

reputation marketingReputation management is very important however it’s just the initial step you take to do what your company requires, reputation marketing. We are the leaders in managing your online reputation then putting it to work as the most powerful marketing device in your strategy, driving even more clients to your company and developing you as the clear leader within your market. In today’s competitive marketplace you want the kind of customer that already understands you, likes you and depends on you like a recommendation does.
Reputation Management does not make your company cash. Reputation Marketing does.

The most vital thing you could contribute to your; Website, Facebook Page, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads, Television Ads, Postcards, Flyers etc. is social evidence that other consumers count on you already.
Reputation Marketing lets your most pleased customers do the selling for you.

72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Source: BrightLocal
70% trust consumer reviews posted on line. Source: Nielsen
70% of consumers trust a busines with minimum of 6- 10 reviews. Sources: Demandforce,,, Brightlocal

7 Suggestions to Get Your Reputation Marketing Off the Ground

STEP 1: Manage Your Online Profiles
You must strategically manage your business’s online information correctly, not a single thing can be missed or omitted. Make sure that your identity is informed, accurate, found in all of the right places for the countless potential customers who will be influenced by what they read and hear.

STEP 2: You must manage your reviews like your business depends on it, because it does.
Be certain that what’s being said or written about you is true, honest and positive. When it’s not, you need to be proactive, you must respond to the negative remark, have a game plane on correcting the bad review, show the person(s) that gave you the bad mark that you sincerely care, many business fail when it comes to this simple part and they suffer without even knowing why. This is your digital customer service obligation to make your business succeed.

STEP 3: You must manage your Search Engine rankings.
More people today must know about your business than yesterday, this is REACH, being in a favorable search engine position is not just desirable it is imperative for the growth of your business.

STEP 4: You must manage your Social Media standings.
You must use social media correctly and in a positive way.  You never know where searches begin, so all social networks and reviews sites must have the best information and reputation about you in the most positive light possible. Reputation marketing is tied heavily to social media.

STEP 5: Make your website Your Sales tool.
Not only should your website be attractive, it should function as a sales tool. Give information, become an authority and most of all tell your visitors what you want them to do A CALL TO ACTION.

A website is a tool when it is not a billboard in the desert, you need optimization. Do it yourself the “right” way or get the right company. Local SEO is not expensive. Our services typically see a 50% to 60% increase in sales with proper implementation of SEO and reputation marketing.

STEP 6: Use video reviews in  addition to text.
Video is not expensive and it is the most effective tool in the local SEO arsenal. There are many tricks to the trade to make the most of video and it will generate a much desired ROI.

STEP 7: Choose the right company that will help you implement a systems approach to your marketing needs. Reputation Marketing is big but it is not the “whole” picture, you must take a holistic view in today’s marketing and put in motion multiple systems to grow your business.