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Today's business climate calls for innovation and a periodic marketing refresh of what worked yesterday. We are in a new paradigm. Are you prepared? That's what we do! Evaluate, plan and implement a strategy that works for your niche.

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What We Do?

Retarget Marketing

Geo-fencing, geo-targeting can laser focus your marketing efforts craeting a better overall ROI. If you're not retargeting you are losing money. The marketing efforts are 10x with our retargeting.

Reputation Marketing

90% of customers rely on reviews for their decision. What do your reviews say about you? How old are they? Are you marketing your reputation? How IS YOUR reputation. Get a free report.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the top 3 promotional methods necessary in any business. Video is king when it comes to sales and your customers expect it. Promotion or instruction, a marketing video can help push your message & drive your sales up. Get a Free Video ad.

Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of our lives today. Are you where you need to be? Are you growing and engaging an audience? We make social media a valid income stream & customer acquisition platform.  Get 30 days of postings for free.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization changes almost monthly. Knowing what to do to stay relevant and in a top position is crucial to business today. We us up to date methods to achieve a ranking goal for you. 

ADA Compliance

Is your website Americans with Disabilities Act compliant? The average payout for non compliance is $50k, can you afford this liability? Ask us for a free evaluation to bring you up to speed with ADA.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. The key is your list. Collecting customer emails needs to be part of your strategy because your customers are your best source of increased business.

Web Design

Web design is not just about looks. It's about function. What do you want or need for your business? The website should be your 1st door to your needs. Your visitors should know who your are & what you have immediately

Graphic Design

Brochures, logos, images. Projecting your story to create your brand in step with your vision. That's what we do. Your businesses marketing starts with your logo and it is tied to all of your products and services. We make it right, and make it work.


Having the right photos for your product or having a professional head shot of you and your staff is critical for your image. We are members of the Professional Photographers Association of America and offer quality imaging for you, your team and your product or service.

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Clients About Us

Raymond Blaylock

I highly recommend Digital Voice if you want to grow your business rapidly. After trying a couple of other internet marketing companies a friend suggested calling Fred Nelsen for a consultation. I was amazed that he knew exactly what I needed to do but understood the needs of my business as well. Finding someone who listens and creates dynamic marketing material was exactly what I was looking for not a cookie cutter approach,. They gave me long and short term strategies and more bang for my marketing dollars than I thought was possible.

They handled everything from local SEO marketing, mobile, text web design and reputation marketing. Fred even shot some pictures for my web site for me. It could not have been easier and I could not be more satisfied with Digital Voice!

Sean Glickman

In show dull give need so held. One order all scale sense her guy style Excellent. Most professional branding, web design, internet and social media marketing.
My business was immediately impacted as soon as Fred completed the designs for my logo, website and other internet marketing tools. Fred was 100% committed to delivering the best product and believe me, I can be extremely demanding. See my website and judge for yourself.
. Incommode our not one ourselves residence.

Kelly Lamoriello

We have had the privilege to experience Fred Nelsen and Digital Voice, Inc. and the exceptional service that was provided to us in building our Website. It was done within a timely manner and in the most professional way. Thank you Digital Voice for your professionalism, creativity, and extraordinary service that you provided. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

How We Work


Deep dive into your current efforts to get sales and brand your business


Look at the markets that drive your niche. What works for other businesses like yours.


Develop a best to market strategy that is custom tailored to your goal, budget and your customer or patient. 


Design your visuals, audio or other branding material and plan the best method to reach the right people at the right time.


This is where it all comes together.Taking all the pieces and making them work for your business with the highest ROI
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