Reputation Marketing

The latest changes to the search engine version of the 800 pound gorilla called Google are monumental. Not only has Google changed the name of Google Places to Google Plus Local, they have made the weight of your business reputation the number 1 ranking authority. This doen’t mean nothing else matters, it means that for the first time your reviews, the number, the stars, the text, now occupy the top ranking reason for Google love. We are now offering our clients the opportunity to have their reputations used to market their business. When this is combined with our MAPS  Marketing it becomes a winning combination for your business, THIS STRATEGY GETS YOUR PHONE RINGING WITH NEW CUSTOMERS.

Citation Facts

Other factors being equal, businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations. Citations from well-established and well-indexed portals (like for example) help increase the degree of certainty the search engines have about your business’s contact information and categorization. Citations help search engines confirm that businesses “are who we thought they were!”

  • Organic results are where EVERY searcher starts and ends their search. In other words, people know what’s a paid ad and what isn’t these days. And they tend to ignore the paid ones.
  • Only 12% of searchers have EVER clicked on paid search ads. Wouldn’t it be a better strategy to target this other 88% of searchers? If you want to rank high on competitive search terms, you’re looking at very expensive bidding rates that always go up in price.
  • Organic search engine results are perceived as coming from a higher credit authority. There isn’t a PPC (pay per click) consultant in the world that will tell you this but it’s absolutely true and this point alone is the essence of why organic search results are so powerful.
  • Organic search is a long term asset to your business at absolutely no cost, no matter how many times searchers click your link – which basically translates into the fact that organic search is less expensive long term to grow you business.
  • Paid search engine campaigns are typically in the range of 2-5K per month for their search campaign. Each month… every month… forever (or until you run out of money or go bankrupt.)
  • Paid search is VERY expensive and most of a company’s search engine optimization objectives and many more can be achieved through organic search results. Lets face it – if you want to rank highly in the search engines, wouldn’t it be better if it didn’t cost you money when a prospect clicks on your link AND they perceived you as a credible authority?